McKenzie Free

One woman's quest for greater understanding through freedom of self expression.

The Car Ride

The Car Ride

My sister drives

My mother rides

and I sit in the rear.

And all throughout

our shopping trip

this is what I hear.

“Are you feeling cold?”

“Yes, I saw that house sold.”

“Then I’ll turn up the heat.”

“No problem with my seat.”

“Do you want a coke?”

“No, I don’t smell smoke.”

“Then shall we get something to eat?”

“Really, you can smell my feet?”

“We could stop there if you want.”

“It must be these new sandals I got.”

Each with one deaf ear,

talking away as if they can hear.

I sit in the back a smile on my face

enjoying the way they communicate.

My sister, as always, attentive and anxious to please.

My Mom simply happy her girls are both with her.

Me just content to ride along with them both

knowing these are the days that I’ll always remember.

McKenzie James

July 9, 2011

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