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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are there any men in the world who don’t have a Madonna-Whore complex? Many men and women alike seem to buy into the old-fashioned idea that only bad girls enjoy sex. The mother of your children? She’s not suppose to enjoy it. She just does it to make you happy, right?

If we could all give up the idea that sex is dirty and only bad girls are good at it, so many more people would be happy. God, the Higher Powers, the Universe, whoever you believe in didn’t create men and women’s bodies and then the evil Devil came along and slapped on our genitals as an afterthought. I believe that intimacy is one of the great joys of being human. We should enjoy it, explore it and revel in it. You can do this and still remain loving, caring, and wonderfully monogamous.

In fact, if society were able to see all women as whole persons, intelligent, competent, loving, nurturing AND sexual, there would be less reason for anyone to roam. No need to leave your loving wife at home to pursue the high-heeled, corseted hottie of your fantasies. Buy your wife or sweetie some sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day and fulfill your fantasies at home together!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. That should happen all the time, not just on the Hallmark Holiday:)

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